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In addition to the Scored to Death book, J. Blake Fichera hosts two film music-related podcasts that you can find below, as well as on most other podcast apps and websites, Scored to Death: The Podcast and Cuts From the Crypt (for The Damn Fine Network).

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The DFN'S Cuts From The Crypt - S02E02

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Also available on iTunes!

Cuts From The Crypt arises once more!

Season 2 is in full swing with new host J. Blake Fichera. Join him for more cuts from your favourite horror films + related material.

You can follow Blake on social media at @scoredtodeath


House on Haunted Hill - “Pencil Neck” - Don Davis

Carpenter Anthology - “Village of the Damned” - John Carpenter

Carpenter Anthology - “Body Bags” - John Carpenter

Dark Shadows - “Theme” - Robert Cobert

The Night Stalker - “Nightstalker Suite” - Robert Cobert

I Spit on Your Grave III: Vengeance is Mine - “Men” - Edwin Wendler

Toy Box - “Main Title” - Holly Amber Church

The Devil’s Doll - “Where is the Last Doll” - Hally Amber Church

Stage Fright - “Locked Up (Aquarius Theme)” - Simon Boswell

Hardware - “Jill Burning” - Simon Boswell

NOTLD - “Opening Drive”

NOTLD - “The Clothesline”

NOTLD - “Bonfire”

Fearless (37513 Zombie Ave) - “La Caccia” -Goblin

Undead in Austin - “Menard’s Duty” - Fabio Frizzi

Undead in Austin - “Zombie Main Theme” - Fabio Frizzi

Fearless (37513 Zombie Ave) - Zaratozam

Two Thousand Maniacs! - “The Theme from Two Thousand Maniacs! - Herschell Gordon Lewis


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