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In addition to the Scored to Death book, J. Blake Fichera hosts two film music-related podcasts that you can find below, as well as on most other podcast apps and websites, Scored to Death: The Podcast and Cuts From the Crypt (for The Damn Fine Network).

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The DFN's Cuts From The Crypt - S02E07

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Cuts From The Crypt arises once more!

Season 2 is in full swing with new host J Blake Fichera. Join him for more cuts from your favorite horror films + related material.


Godzilla: King of the Monsters - “Main Theme” - Bear McCreary

Bride of Re-Animator - “Prologue” - Richard Band

Bride of Re-Animator - “Main Titles” - Richard Band

Friday the 13th: The Game - “Friday the 13th: The Game Release Trailer” - Harry Manfredini

Portrait of Terror [Halloween H20: 20 Years Later] - “Main Title” - John Ottman

The Church [aka La Chiesa] - “The Church main Theme” - Keith Emerson

Inferno - “Elisa’s Story” - Keith Emerson

Inferno - “Cigarettes, Ices, Etc.” - Keith Emerson

Murder Rock - “Tonight is Not Your Night” - Keith Emerson

Inferno - “Inferno Finale” - Keith Emerson

Godzilla: King of the Monsters - “King of the Monsters” - Bear McCreary

Child’s Play (2019) - “Them From Child’s Play” - Bear McCreary

Child’s Play (2019) - “Child’s Play Theme” - Bear McCreary & Joe Renzetti

Director’s Cut - “Rosemary’s Baby” - Fantomas [originally by Krzysztof Komeda]

The Prodigy - “Journey of Trust” - Joseph Bishara

The Prodigy - "Surface Normal” - Joseph Bishara

The Prodigy - “Glass Fragments” - Joseph Bishara

Aquaman - “Trench Engaged (From Kingdom of The Trench” - Joseph Bishara

More Music from the Further - “The Purity” - Joseph Bishara

More Music from the Further - “Out While Alive” - Joseph Bishara

More Music from the Further - “Dwarf Apparition” - Joseph Bishara

Godzilla: King of the Monsters - “Godzilla” - Bear McCreary [ft. Serj Tankian]


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