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In addition to the Scored to Death book, J. Blake Fichera hosts two film music-related podcasts that you can find below, as well as on most other podcast apps and websites, Scored to Death: The Podcast and Cuts From the Crypt (for The Damn Fine Network).

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The DFN's Cuts From The Crypt - S02E09

Cuts From The Crypt arises once more----with The Giant-Sized Italian Spectacular Part 2!

Season 2 is in full swing with new host J Blake Fichera. Join him for more cuts from your favourite horror films + related material.

You can follow Blake on social media at @scoredtodeath


Zombie 3 - “The Sound of Fear” - Stefano Mainetti [as Clue in the Crew]

Demonia - “Hell Flames” - Giovanni Cristiani

The New York Ripper - “NY One more Day (VI)” - Francesco De Masi

The New York Ripper - “Phone Call” - Francesco De Masi

Thieves After Dark - “Shooting For Two (Film Version)” - Ennio Morricone

Without Apparent Motive - “Hit Fully In The Breast (alternate Version)” - Ennio Morricone

The Devil is A Woman - “Lauda Sion” - Ennio Morricone

Lady Frankenstein - “Lady Frankenstein (Sequence 1 or 2) - Alessandro Alessandroni

Devil’s Nightmare - “Demon Arise” - Alessandro Alessandroni

Devil’s Nightmare - “Hell Nightmare” - Alessandro Alessandroni

The Mad Butcher - “Lo Strangolatore Di Vienna (Seq. 5)” - Alessandro Alessandroni

Sette storie per non dormire - “Yell” - Goblin

Dawn of the Dead - “Ai Margini Della Follia” - Goblin

The Bloodstained Shadow - “Opening Titles” - Goblin [written by Stelvio Cipriani]

The Bloodstained Shadow - “Incubi Ricorrenti 9” - Goblin [written by Stelvio Cipriani]

Martin [aka Wampyr] - “Wampyr” - Goblin

Amo Non Amo [aka Together?] - Amo Non Amo (Seq. 5) - Goblin

LaVia Della Droga [aka The Heroin Busters] - “LaVia Della Droga (Seq. 2)” - Goblin

Dawn of the Dead - “Zombi” - Goblin

Non Ho Sonno [aka Sleepless] - “Endless Love” - Goblin

Nightmare City [aka Incubo Sulla Città Contaminata] - “L’Attessa” - Stelvio Cipriani

Nightmare City [aka Incubo Sulla Città Contaminata] - “Incubo 1” - Stelvio Cipriani


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