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“Scored to Death is an excellent book, full of intriguing interviews….Fichera gets these composers to open up about their lives and skills, and they share some amazing stories about their techniques and methods, and how it is to work in this genre.”

“It’s one of those books that virtually reads itself. You find yourself drawn into the subject and the pages turn quickly. Scored to Death stands out as a lively set of insightful interviews that in the end gives you a very good idea about how the music comes to be and its function in the making of a modern horror film.
I recommend it highly.”

“Fichera has assembled a series of in-depth, intelligent interviews with some of the genre’s greatest living aural architects, composers whose work has helped shape the history of dark cinema….Scored to Death may not be the last word on the subject of horror film composing, but it is a mini-masterclass, passionately designed and intent on proving the essential nature of music in the genre.”

“Fichera’s interviews are hefty and comprehensive…he asks both challenging and educated questions about the art and science of scoring the suspenseful and the scary…the book presents a thorough examination of the composers’ perspective toward scoring horror cinema.”

“Fans of horror films will find Scored to Death to be worth tracking down…Fichera does draw out a lot of great points from the composers.”

- Film Score Monthly

The Well-Read Ghoul:

10 Essential Books for the Horror Fan

“Interviews with fourteen film composers best known for their work in horror films could possibly get boring, but the clever interviews of author Fichera let Scored to Death illuminate a darkened corner of horror film writing.”

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